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Murrieta Public Library Foundation, Inc.
A California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation
Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code

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About Our Murrieta Public Library

The Murrieta Public Library fulfills a wide array of purposes for the community, all of which are based on the premise of encouraging the love of reading and lifelong learning.

It is through the Public Library and its collections, services, technology and programs that children of all ages have an excellent environment in which to meet, to study, and to learn about the world in a non-academic location. It is a place where adults can expand their skills, find the answers and resources to resolve personal and professional dilemmas, and to meet their entertainment needs. The Public Library is where community members can gather formally and informally for cultural events, workshops, or just to share stories. It is a place where positive memories are created and where the foundation of a cultural, educational, and economically developed community is successfully established.

As are all public libraries across the nation, and unlike any other public or private institution, the Murrieta Public Library exists solely for the community it serves and provides free and equitable access to information, services and programs; touching individuals and thereby providing incentive to the community to thrive in a positive and productive manner!

Melvin Racelis
Library Manager

Our Library's Mission Statement

As a team with civic heart, the Murrieta Public Library is dedicated to providing a vibrant environment with open access to exceptional services, collections, and programs while continuing to promote the joy of reading for an empowered and successful community.

Our Library's Vision Statement

Through teamwork and community partnerships, the Murrieta Public Library will be this community's center of discovery. We will be the leading resource of ideas and trends that support the intellectual, cultural, and economic success of our community while preserving Murrieta's heritage.

Our Library's Value Statement

The Library's core values are grounded in teamwork and commitment. We are dedicated to exemplifying the following principles:

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