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"Our Story "

Are Libraries Obsolete?

There are those who say that Libraries as we know them are obsolete, that there is no longer a need for the "stucco and tile," the shelves of books on paper, and the Library Staff to assist, direct and provide information for those who come to the Library. The Murrieta Library stands today as the resounding rebuttal to this viewpoint.

A Growing Institution

The Murrieta Library was a growing institution before the recent economic downturn. With its new building opened in March, 2007, situated in a growing community, the Library has seen a steady increase in visitors and circulation of its collection. A new community was being built in Murrieta and the Library was in a position to expand its role as a vibrant part of the educational, cultural and recreational infrastructure of this community.

An Economic Downturn

Then came the recent economic downturn, and the use of the Library and all it has to offer doubled then tripled. People have turned to the Library in a time of financial stress for books to read, DVD's and videos to entertain, events for their children, to use facilities such as the computer lab, to access information like how to write a resume, to search business databases, and for a myriad of other needs. The Library staff has risen to the challenge to meet these needs but it has not been easy in the face of staff curtailments caused by loss of tax revenue and a hiring freeze. Even basic tasks such as shelving books have become monumental in the face of increased use of the Library and fewer staff members. Funding limitations have reduced the Library's ability to expand its programming to include more cultural, educational and recreational options.

Working to Overcome

We are among those in Murrieta who are working to build a cultural base for our new community, to insure that literature, art and music are a part of our environment and that the children of Murrieta are exposed to great books, classical music, traditional jazz, and to art in all of its forms. The Library wants to be a part of this environment but needs assistance to do so. With the Foundation's help the Library can provide lectures by noted authors, concerts for both adults and youth, host art exhibits in the Library, Community Room and Garden of Verses and provide an array of programs that educate and enrich the lives of all Murrieta citizens. We have the opportunity through the Foundation to support the Library to become a cultural center in the community.

Looking to the Future

There are many "community building projects" that the Library can undertake with the funding support of the Foundation. The Library is the only repository for historical documents in the City pertaining to Murrieta and its surrounding communities. It is a center for local business data and information. And, of course, it can expand the educational programs offered for the children, teen and young adults of our community. Funding is needed for addressing all these needs through cutting edge technology as well as expanding Library facilities. Additionally, if the Murrieta Library Foundation had been in existence and had met its goals to establish an endowment, it would have been in a position to help the Library and its staff with its administrative needs when the economic downturn occurred...

These things are all possible with the additional funds that can be provided by the Foundation.

The Library needs the Foundation and the Foundation needs you.

The Annual Fund:

Provides flexible and immediate funding so that the Library can address current needs not funded through the City's budgetary process. These funds are crucial to giving the Library the means to act quickly and creatively to meet emerging community needs and to take advantage of special opportunities.

Endowment Funds:

Ensure ongoing excellence. Creating endowments for cultural events, Library programming and electronic resources will enable the Library to achieve its goal of becoming a cultural center by stabilizing funding. The Foundation will invest the principal and distribute a portion of the interest annually.